I’m so excited…yay.

I don’t know exactly when it will happen, but I want to give everyone a heads up, that at some point in the very near future, I will be moving my blog over to Dreamwidth. I’ve been wanting an account over there for a while now, and I finally got one. ^__^ So yay… Going to be transferring some stuff from this place over the new one, so yeah, stay tuned cause I will be posting the link to my new blog in this entry, so if you don’t mind, watch this post. (:

Edit: It has happened, I’m at dreamwidth now. So this blog will no longer be my active blog, the stuff that is here will remain up, but any future picture spamming and general Sims babbles have been moved to http://katillo.dreamwidth.org/


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Seven.

Hello peoples, good god it feels like it’s been forever since I was able to spam this thing with pictures. Had a bit of a accident last weekend, which resulted in me being stuck in bed for a few days. But hey all is good now and I can spam out my blog again… so yay.

Matilda has recently discovered her passion for green hair, I was seeing how some pretty neons I recently downloaded looked in game, and every damn time I tried anything green, she got wicked excited, so yeah, she has green hairs now. :3

And random pretty picture of Sawyer. (:

Who the fuck are you? o.o


Seems the ladies are quite excited about random creepy guys breaking into their home.

Along with three random neighbors who just happen to be in the hallway dancing. O_o

Santa will never be allowed in this apartment ever again, that bastard pissed in their toilet five times, then clogged it up and left shit loads of puddles.

AND, he only left them this stupid car.

Yup Eniri has every right to eat all the damn cookies she wants, especially after all that shit.

What the hell, more random fucker’s entering without invitation.

Take that! (:

Aww.. two black critters playing. I loves black critters. ^__^

Landlord: “Your overdue.. again.”
Matilda: “Sorry… again, we’re kind of trying to get away for a few day, so shit’s kind of tight.”
Landlord: “Whatever… just give me rent… NOW.”
Matilda: “FINE!”

Hey, look at that. I wonder where we’re going.

Oh my… a vacation.

Sawyer: “Matilda you okay?”
Matilda: “Holy shit I see trees, and it smells like nature. Oh boy… we gets to going camping!”
Sawyer: “Fun.”

“Damn.. these smell way better here than they do at home.”

“It’s sooo nice here.” ^__^

What the hell, your on vacation dammit. Act like it!

That’s better, yay marshmallows. :3

And super yay for fire.

Aww, night girls!


And yes Mia does not belong to me and actually belongs to the lovely Libertine and can be downloaded at the Garden of Shadows.


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Six.

Good morning ladies. (:

Bugger, Sawyer lost her job.

Least she has a lovely mate to constantly remind her that everything will turn out alright, they just need to cut back on a few things, no big. Though it would have helped if Matilda hadn’t recently gotten demoted.

See already doing better and less mopey, for once I’m actually really happy these people spend their days doing the hallway dancing thingy.

Yup first official day of unemployment and I’d say she’s doing marvelous. ^__^

Shit… are… are you dead?


Screw it, who needs food anyways…

“Do you have a problem? Can you not see we are in the middle of something?”

Silly Matilda.

Least some people don’t freak out when they see two ladies getting cozy. >.<

Random picture of a tree through a window, yay.

Making art. (:

I actually don’t know what to say here, but damn, she was creepy.

Moar face sucking. :3

Well good morning.

Now that’s smart.

Guess I should say happy holidays here. So! Happy Holidays People!

Then I get to say the usual and that Mia is not mine and belongs to Libertine and that…
She is available to download on the Garden of Shadows.


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Five.

Thrust Baby! Thrust!

Holy crap… a tree! It’s been so long since my Sims celebrated any kind of holidays.

Mistletoe kisses. Sort of regretting putting that in there, they wont stop with the damn kissing. T-T

WTF, her face actually got stuck like that.

Least it stopped once I sent her home.



Where is the kitty?

Holy crap! I’ve seen that in pictures, but never in the actual game. Yay for writing with knives. Totally hardcore.

I is kicking ass.

Finally, she won, their seventh hallway fight and her first win. Yay!

“I totally just kicked your ass.”

“Dammit! I can’t believe I actually lost to that bitch.”

Eniri is a kitten no more, isn’t she a pretty kitty, though I am trying to figure out how she had orange eyes as a kitten and ended up getting blue as an adult, weird shit.

In this volume this following Sim is not mine.
Mia by Libertine
She is available to download on the Garden of Shadows.


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Four.

Haven’t played this much Sims 2 in a long time. (:

Don’t ask.

Yay video games!

Close up to show off Matilda’s new look.

She also has a new roommate.

I just couldn’t resist, they’re just such a cute pair. ^__^

See totally a great couple… Right? Right!

First date!

… I wonder what we are all looking at?

Yup that’s got to be it.

Or maybe that… WTF Roan.

Oh look at my new roads.. got them off of the GOS, I really like the feeling they give Portalview.

Back to my lovelies, well he’s not my one of my pretties but still I love this shot.

“Woot, moar boobs! can I touch?” Bad girl! No moar.

And that’s it, yay!


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Three.

That was fast, yay for moar picture spamming.

More sexual noise coming from the bathroom. I swear no joke every fucking night it sounds just like they’re woohooing O_o

“Okay I’ve had it up too here with your constant fucking, It’s 3 in the effin’ morning, I have work in the morning. Cut the shit!”

This was not a good idea. :/ Now they seem to be noisy almost non-stop.

She has lost her mind.

Doctor is here to help, don’t mind me I just liked how their feet looked.

I is a good dancer.

Making snow stuff while thinking of Sawyer? O_o

Oh hello, aren’t you pretty, totally forgot mean Sims make the best snowmen. (:

Crazy neighbors.

Don’t know why, but every time I look at this picture I think she is absolutely oblivious of the people dancing behind her.

Oh my what do we have here. Totally did not plan on them getting so close so fast, they did this on their own, now Matilda has constant wants to kiss her.

In this volume these following Sims are not mine. (In order of first appearance.)
Mia by Libertine
Lindsay by enwai
All are available to download on the Garden of Shadows.


Murmurs of Portalview Volume Two.

Matilda has a new kitty, meet Eniri.

Isn’t she adorable, and this is why I love TS2 so damn much, no kitties in TS3. T-T



What do you mean he’s crazy? Your the chick whose been dancing in the hallways at all hours of the night as if your ass in on fire.

See? And excuse the arrow, don’t know how that ended up being in the shot. >.>

They all seem to avoid Matilda, don’t think she’s doing to hot on the whole friend making thing.

Nope she’d rather stay in her room with that book of her’s.

Leon: “Please kills me now?”

Lindsey: “Maybe if I walks really fast she wont sees me…”

Oh what’s this? A new neighbor?

Meet Sawyer, me so happy with how she came out.

Holy craps you has boobs too, cans I touch them? These two are totally going to more then just friends. ^__^

Okays one more picture of Sawyer because she’s just so damn cute.

And now some shot’s of Matilda’s apartment.


More of her bedroom.

Living room.

Computer corner.

In this volume these following Sims are not mine. (In order of first appearance.)
Lindsay by enwai
Nono by downthelights
Leon by Libertine
Mia by Libertine
All are available to download on the Garden of Shadows.

Well that’s it, until next time. (: